Sales and Marketing
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Sales and Marketing

Our products are available in over 65 countries; 75% of our revenue is derived from export, 25% from our domestic market. Owing to the well-coordinated operations of our sites in Hungary, our extensive network of external markets, and our subsidiaries and offices operating in 17 countries, we are able to contribute to the recovery of approximately 30 million patients. Our most important markets are the Central Eastern European region, Russia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

During the 100+ years since our company was established, we have become one of the most significant operators in the Hungarian pharmaceutical market. Based on the number of boxes sold, we have been one of the top 3 suppliers in Hungary.

Egis Group’s product portfolio comprises 629 products. In the 2018/2019 financial year, we distributed medicines of 159 product lines — comprising 149 different active ingredients. Although our main therapeutic areas are the cardiovascular and central nervous system, we also provide modern therapeutic solutions in the fields of oncology and women’s health.

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