Legal notice

Legal notice

Terms of and Safeguards for the Use of the Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC and EGIS Polska Sp. z o.o. Internet portal.

By visiting the Portal You agree without any limitations or reservations that in the course of using our information You are subject to  regulations regarding protection of personal information, and availability of public information, and copyright.

By accessing the contents of the Portal and browsing its pages, You agree to and accept the terms and conditions set out in the declaration without limitations and reservations.

For Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC and EGIS Polska Sp. z o.o. it is very important to protect visitors' personal data, guarantee the right of visitors to decide on their own information and ensure safe browsing. To this end, the company has implemented the necessary security, technical and organizational measures.

The Cookie Policy contains more information on the processing of data while visiting the Site.

Information on data processing by Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC and EGIS Polska Sp. z o.o. can be found here:

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Limitations and exclusion of responsibility

 Visitors to the Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC and EGIS Polska Sp. z o.o. Portal and users of the services thereof accept that 

- visits to and use of the Portal for whatever purpose shall be at the user’s own discretion and responsibility. In addition, the use of information downloaded from the Portal shall be voluntary and at the user’s own discretion and risk;

- neither Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC and EGIS Polska Sp. z o.o. nor the developers/operators of the Portal shall be held liable for any error, disadvantage or damage occurring in connection with visits to or use of the Portal;

- Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC and EGIS Polska Sp. z o.o. shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, loss, or cost potentially resulting from the malfunction of the Portal or other similar reasons, or in relation to the contents of the Portal or the data and other information accessible on or through the Portal, including, non-exclusively, the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, validity, suitability for a certain purpose, reliability, or reasonableness thereof;

- Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC and EGIS Polska Sp. z o.o. shall not be held liable for any losses potentially caused by unauthorized access to, destruction of, damage to, or publishing of the personal or other information made available to Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC, or for damages occurring in relation to one or more of the above actions. For such damages, liability shall be held exclusively by the person(s) carrying out one or more of the abovementioned actions;

- Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC and EGIS Polska Sp. z o.o. retains the right to change the contents of the Portal in any manner, or to discontinue/suspend some or all of its services without limitations or notification;

- the Portal might have links to other websites. Although the usability of such websites is continually monitored by Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC and EGIS Polska Sp. z o.o., it shall not be held responsible for the contents thereof or held liable for any disadvantage or damage resulting from the use thereof;

- the contents of the Portal shall only serve the purpose of information and shall in no circumstances be regarded as advice or recommendation, and shall not form the basis of any decision or action. Such contents shall include, non-exclusively, medical information which must not be regarded as medical advice given in conjunction with detailed information.

Terms with regard to copyright and visitors’ communications

 All information on the Portal, including information relevant to the general appearance and atmosphere of the Portal as well as all visual and verbal content, is protected by copyright and industrial property right. Said rights are held exclusively by Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC.

 You shall be allowed to download information form the Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC Portal and display it by any means for personal use only, in compliance with the provisions of the Hungarian Copyright Act, and such information may not, directly or indirectly, serve the purpose of either the generation or increase of income. In the course of using information as allowed above, due references shall be indicated and maintained regarding copyright and other forms of intellectual property ownership. As long as any written information/scientific writing published on the Portal is cited under fair dealing regulations, both the source and the author shall be identified and indicated.

Without prior written permission of Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC, neither You nor any other third party may use or modify the contents of the Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC Portal, either in part or in full, for any public or commercial purpose.

Information found on the Portal about trade marks, patents, and other valuable rights or products, including information accessible through links, shall by no means be regarded as rights or licenses granted to You. Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC does not assign or transfer any of its rights to visitors of the Portal.

Names, proprietary names, and domain names found on the Portal are in the ownership of Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC, which retains all rights with regard to such names. No other person shall be allowed to use said names for a commercial purpose.

Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC. makes no warranty for information owned by third parties. For the download and use of such information, permission shall be sought from its third party owner.

The contents of the Portal and all uploaded information is constantly monitored for the purpose of filtering out information that is contrary to the requirements of good morals, protecting third parties’ rights, and ensuring the enforcement of legislation. The operator of the Portal shall have the right to partly or fully remove content uploaded without authorization. By visiting the Portal, You accept that in the course of using the Portal You are not allowed to send any data or information that is contrary to law, codes of conduct, or other rules. You also accept that with regard to the above you may be held liable to pay damages.

With the exception of links to our home page, placement of any link without our prior permission shall be strictly prohibited. The framing of pages shall also be prohibited.

The operator and data controller of the Internet Portal is Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC (address: 1106 Budapest, Keresztúri út 30-38.)

For further information please contact us at or

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