Our highlighted past and future events you shouldn't miss
We are pleased to announce that EGIS Poland has joined the "Operation Clean River" project. Operation Clean River is the largest nationwide action of cleaning up coastal areas. More

Happy Easter!

Wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful Easter!


The Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day

Today on 23rd March, we celebrate the Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day. We send our best wishes to our Hungarian colleagues and all lovers of Hungary. Poles and Hungarians have been bound by a close friendship for years. Let us wish that the historical slogan "Pole, Hungarian, two nephews" will never lose its validity. Minden jót!


Egis has dedicated PLN 1 million for purchasing personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals

EGIS has been present in Poland for 25 years and during this period we have always tried to be a partner for all health communities.


We are supplying personal protection equipment to healthcare facilities

In normal times, helping is only natural. But today, the help we bring as EGIS Polska takes on a special meaning – care for life. Even in these difficult conditions, we are not giving up offering assistance. We are continuing to provide help in a safe way, out of care for the health of our patients, physicians and medical staff because helping is at the very heart of what we do.

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